Abscisic acid is a plant hormone that causes K+ to leak out of guard cells. What effect does this have on transpiration?

by George

A.When Abscisic acid levels increase near guard cells the rate transpiration will slow down

B.When Abscisic acid levels increase near guard cells the rate of transpiration will increase

C.Abscisic acid will not have any effect on the transpiration rate

2.Plant leaves are highly variable. Which of these are an example of an adaptation that a plant might have to reduce water loss from its leaves. Hint: the answer is not in the online lab, you will need to do a little online research.

A.stomata that are sunken into the leaf surface

B.Increased trichomes on the leaf surface near stomata

C.Thick waxy cuticle

D.Needle-like leaves

E.stomata on the top of the leaf rather than the bottom

F.Increased surface area of the leaf

3.Which would you expect to have a higher rate of transpiration if they were growing in the same conditions?

A. a Silver Maple tree

B.a Hackberry tree

C.a Paw Paw Tree

4.which of these factors contributed to movement of water up the xylem and out of stoma

A.evaporation of water at the leaf surface

B.adhesion of water molecules to xylem cell wall

C.osmosis of water into the root

D.cohesive nature of water molecules

E.they would all have the same rate

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