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Disulfide bonds in proteins form between a pair of molecules of a certin kind from the diagram you just completed. Tell what amino acid is... 
I'm confused on what their asking and what the answer would be. Study Protein Structure and Protein Synthesis .

Which of the following apply to AFLP markers? 
(a) amplify random loci about the genome (b) easy to score heterozygotes (c) consist of an array of repeating nucleotides (d) they are co-dominant markers …

Sunflower is which type of plant - options - 1. gymnospermae 2. monocotyledonous 3. pteridophyta 4. dicotyledonous 
Sunflower is which type of plant - options - 1. gymnospermae 2. monocotyledonous 3. pteridophyta 4. dicotyledonous

Which of the following accurately describes the structure of DNA?  
Which of the following accurately describes the structure of DNA? A. A always pairs with C, and G always pairs with T. B. DNA consists …

Photosynthesis takes place in what type(s) of cells? 
Hello, My name is Joey, Today we were finishing up a chapter in our Biology class and our test is on Friday, so I was working on my study guide and the …

Use these observations to decide the order in which the cytochromes occur in the mitochondrial electron transport system. 
Some of the mitochondrial electron transport carriers (the cytochromes) absorb light at characteristic wavelengths when they are carrying the extra electrons …

Why do animals have so many different enzymes to digest their food? 
I need to complete a lab and the question is not something I remember going over in class. Read The Digestive System .

Match each term associated with cell metabolism and cell respiration with the most appropriate description. 
1. Match each term associated with cell metabolism and cell respiration with the most appropriate description. …

Many proteins essential for striated muscle development exist in multiple forms generated by alternative splicing. Provide at least two examples. 
Many proteins essential for striated muscle development exist in multiple forms generated by alternative splicing. Provide at least two examples. Also …

What are ideas that link the facts and concepts about biology? 
Evolution and the cell theory are among them.

Cell cycle during 2 and 4 is it mitosis, meiosis or both? 
What conclusion about the life cycle of sea lettuce is supported by the diagram, Cell cycle during 2 and 4 is it mitosis, meiosis or both? 1.DNA is …

Do mitochondria digest fats? 
I am a student and I'm currently using the IB biology Oxford textbook. A few weeks ago I had a test on biochemistry. I studied on my textbook and it stated …

Which of the following is NOT true of crab maxillipeds? 
A.) They are uniramous appendages. B.) They represent 3 of the 6 pairs of crab mouthparts. C.) They include a flabellum that is used to clean the gills. …

Plant cells act as osmometers:  
a) in a hypotonic medium the vacuole shrinks b) in a hypertonic medium the cell shrinks c) in a hypotonic medium the cell expands d) in a hypertonic …

What causes the cell membrane to be semi-permeable? 
What is the thing present in the cell wall that causes semi-permeability? Study cell membrane .

What consist of hollow tubes which provide support for the cell? 
I have a biology packet about the cell that I need help completing. Study Cytoskeleton .

What are three other names for a cell membrane? 
Is plasma membrane one? Read the review on cell membrane .

Why do cells synthesize proteins when we can obtain them through food? 
I've been learning protein synthesis, through transcription and translation in school. In translation it is said amino acids are carried by t-RNA into …

Describe the process of photosynthesis 
Process of photosynthesis and different stages and activities involved. You can fin a description of the whole photosynthesis process here: Photosynthesis …

Why do salts dissolve in water? 
a. Water form a hydration shell around ions. b. Water is a good solute in an ion solvent. c. Salts are hydrophilic, and is hydrophobic.

What are the benefits that people get from biology? 
I just want to know what are the benefits that we get from biology and how important it is.

The energy transferring reaction that adds an electron is called what? 
oxidation reduction electronic none of the above Study Cell Respiration .

Should we ban GM food? 
I read a blog about GM food. It said that recently Scottish government announced a prohibtion of GM corps. And this lead to an argument. I want to know …

Why flies hate to settle on moving objects? 
My 7 years old son asked me this morning this question, Why flies hate to settle on moving objects? Is it because flies think that moving objects …

Should babies have their genes sequenced? 
I read a blog post talking about gene sequencing for newborn babies. This is a brand new testing method that can detect various diseases for babies at …

In the stationary phase, do we add any sort of bacteria that causes fungus to adopt a defensive manner by producing penicillin or is it due to the deficiency of nutrients? 
My ma'am told me that we add a bacteria , if so please tell me its name and clear me the idea. If bacteria is added in stationary phase, it isn't impossible …

Compare sexual and asexual reproduction in kingdom protista. 
There are two types of reproduction in protists. One needs to know how these forms reproduction take place the differences and similarities between them. …

Anything that causes a change in an organism is known as a ? 
Anything that causes a change in an organism is _______?

What are the functions of bile salts during the process of digestion? 
Makes it easier to digest. Answer: You will find the answer on Digestive System .

Scientists commonly compare cell respiration to a wood fire ignited by a match. What exactly is the "match" equivalent within a body that sparks the burn of oxygen and glucose in cell respiration? 
Regarding cell respiration what exactly is the spark referred to in the analogy below that I found online? In that analogy I understand how a battery …

The question on blonde hair genes 
Hi teachers Is it possible for parents, both of whom have black hair, to give birth to a blonde or brown hair child? Considering the combination of …

Is there a specific reason that the letter Y is used as the symbol for the male chromosome and X is used for the female chromosome? Why not YY and XY? 
Is there a specific reason that the letter Y is used as the symbol for the male chromosome and X is used for the female chromosome? Why not YY and XY? …

Why can't the immune system in our body destroy HIV virus? 
Normally, when an antigen enters our body, several cells in our immune system recognizes it and the T-cell destroys it. But then, why can't our immune …

Do exact same animals exist?  
For example, two red tilapias that has EXACTLY the same physical characteristics (color, size, scale placement, eyes, everything). Worth to mention, …

What mechanisms allow for new information to be added to a genome by evolutionary means? 
I am currently writing a refutation to an anti-evolutionist and one of the points I am refuting is that Darwinian evolution provides no examples/ no means …

What happen if Rh+ woman married to Rh- husband? 
Can erythroblastosis fetalis be occur if Rh+ woman married to Rh- man?

What is true of experimental designs that are used in scientific research? 
The designs use the same steps in every kind of research. The designs follow a general method that is familiar to all scientists. The designs ensure …

Bacteria are present in volcanic eruption habitats and also in hot water eruptions from soil ?  
In hot water bacteria are absent so I heard certain bacteria are present in volcanic eruption condition and hot water spoilage from earth.

How radioactive isotopes are used as a measure for determining the age of rocks or fossil? 
The use of radioactive isotopes as a measure for determining the age of rock or fossil.

How is it called the relationship of the inhabitants to themselves, to each other, and to the environment? 
I know it's not the ecosystem because it is only the relationship of the planet's natural resources to the planet's inhabitants.

What are social animals? 
Social animals are those, like bees, ants and humans, that live in societies.

The unit of evolution is 
(A) Population (B) Species (C) Social groups (D) individual

Mangoes as big as pumpkin can be obtained by? 
a=genetic engineering b=cloning c=DNA fingerprinting D=tissue culture

Plasmolysis occurs when a *blank* cell is immersed in a *blank* solution. 
choices a. plant; pure water b. plant; 3x saline c. animal; pure water d. animal; 3x saline

Can a child whose father and mother are both O+ have another blood group aside O+. 
If The father and the mother are both O+, can the child have another blood Group aside O+? Please, read the review on Blood Types .

Why muscle cells are not killed by anaerobic respiration in a healthy person? 
Please, read the review on the Musculoskeletal System .

Where do all types of blood cells (red, white, and platelets) get produced? Not rated yet
Where do all types of blood cells (red, white, and platelets) get produced? Study Blood .

What is the difference between turgor pressure and osmotic pressure? Not rated yet
You will find the answer on Cell Membrane .

Which sugars can yeast use during fermentation, and which sugar works best? Not rated yet
Which sugars can yeast use during fermentation, and which one works best with fermentation? Study Cell Respiration .

Explain what triggers the entry of calcium into the neuron? Not rated yet
Explain what triggers the entry of calcium into the neuron? - - has something to do with synapses Read Nervous System .

What is the genotypic ratio of offspring produced by crossing these two plants? Not rated yet
In the common garden pea, round seed shape (R) is dominant to wrinkled seed shape (r). You cross a plant that is heterozygous for round seeds with a plant …

How many molecules store the energy extracted from ATP before this energy is used in the peptidyl transferase reaction? Not rated yet
This is a problem we were going over in class and I didn't understand what the question was asking for. Its a multiple choice question and the answer is …

What is the aims of seed biology? Not rated yet
Study Plants .

Igcse Biology practical question help Not rated yet
What will be the color change of onion, Food sample: Color change with Benedict’s solution 1 Onion 2 Milk (or dried milk) 3 Rice 4 Raisin (or …

Genetic problem? Neurofibromatosis Not rated yet
One of two major forms of a human condition called neurofibromatosis is inherited as an autosomal dominant gene, although it may range from mild to very …

Are gram negative bacterias affected by lysozyme? Not rated yet
Hey, Here my question, gram positive bacterias are affected by lysozyme (bc of ß(1,4) bonds) but are gram negatives affected by lysozyme? I have …

9+2 structure in fibres is common in certain? a.cilia , b.flagella, c.bacteria, d.eukaryotes, e. all Not rated yet
9+2 structure in fibres is common in certain? a.cilia , b.flagella, c.bacteria, d.eukaryotes, e. all Study Cytoskeleton .

DNA is universal-- human genes can be inserted into, and expressed by, bacteria. Buf if this is so, why is it not so easy to do the opposite-- why don’t we insert bacterial genes into humans?  Not rated yet
DNA is universal-- human genes can be inserted into, and expressed by, bacteria. Buf if this is so, why is it not so easy to do the opposite-- why don’t …

Besides cell respiration what are all the other mechanisms in the human body, if any, that transmute elements to create heat? Not rated yet
Cell respiration transmutes oxygen and carbohydrates to energy that fuels the human body. Are there other mechanisms in the human body that transmutes …

How much time a cell remains intact condition after it gets dead? Not rated yet
When a cell gets dead how much time it remains in the intact condition? And then it disintegrates? Study Cell Biology .

What proportion of the next generation would you expect to have webbed feet? Not rated yet
Total=500birds, non webbed feet is the dominant allele. Assume that p=0.9 (proportion of the dominant allele). What proportion of the next generation would …

In a community in which there was little development what sustainability challenges are likely to appear? Not rated yet
Sustainability Study our review on Ecological Succession .

When looking at an ecosystem, a body of water ( a.k.a. a lake, river, ocean ) would be considered as what? Not rated yet
Would that body of water be an ecosystem of its own, a population, or a community? Read Ecosystems .

What creature native to Louisiana might excrete a bioluminescent fluid on the ground? Not rated yet
I was walking in a park at night close to Lafayette, LA and I noticed a green glowing substance on the ground. The spot was smaller than a dime. I thought …

Do different cells have membranes with varying fluidity? Not rated yet
I'm wondering if the fluidity of a cell membrane can help determine the function of the cell- such as a muscle cell needed a more rigid membrane than a …

How does nitrogen fixing bacteria take atmospheric air to fix in the soil? Not rated yet
How is it possible for the bacteria present in the soil to reach out for atmospheric air, so that they can fix it into the soil for the plants to utilize? …

Design a set of experiments to test the hypothesis that transcription occurs in the roots only and that the protein is transported to the floral meristem.  Not rated yet
As a grad student studying flowering time in coffee, I may have discovered a protein that causes the plant to flower early. Since coffee plants are hard …

You have discovered a new neurotransmitter (protein) produced by some cells in the brain. The protein was analyzed and its amino acid sequence identified. Explain how you might: Not rated yet
A) Identify the location of the gene responsible for producing the neurotransmitter B) identify brain cells in which the gene for the neurotransmitter …

Describe the effects of estrogen and progesterone on the various systems of the body? Not rated yet
Well for estrogen I think I need to explain the effects of estrogen such the promotion of the development of female secondary sexual characteristics, such …

What happens during the S stage of the cell cycle? Not rated yet
Study Cell Division .

Which of these statements is false about enzymes? Not rated yet
a. Enzymes increase the reaction rate by decreasing delta G b. Competative inhibitors bind specifically to the active site of an enzyme

What is the probability of having a white-flowered offspring in this situation? Not rated yet
In pea plants, flower color is controlled by two alleles: one is purple, which is dominant over the other, which is for white. Two pea plants were crossed …

Why is protein an information sync? Not rated yet
Read Protein Synthesis and Proteins .

Why a body is alive? Not rated yet
A human body animals birds is made up of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, etc. These all things are dead in nature but why they still alive.....? Good …

What is a covalent bond? What is its importance in biology? Not rated yet
Read Introduction to Biochemistry .

How would you define the "scope of science?" Not rated yet
There is the scientific method which I understand but what is the scope of science part of it? Hi Eric. This is an interesting question. We at Biology …

Name some cells that you would guess are highly mitotic...3 or 4. Not rated yet
This is the question on my study guide. Read Cell Division , Q&A 4.

Are mutations always recessive? Not rated yet
Or is it posible that a mutation could become a dominant trait? Read Genetic Diseases .

Of the surface area-to-volume ratio, what does the surface area represent in a cell? Not rated yet
Nucleus or plasma membrane? Study Cell Structure .

Which has more biodiversity, natural ecosystems or artificial ecosystems? Not rated yet
I think it would be natural ecosystems since they are sustainable. Read Biodiversity .

If a neuron transmit impulse in a direction, it would be in which direction? Not rated yet
Unidirectional, polydirectional,multi directional, bi directiona? Study The Nervous System .

Which type of polymer determine the pH of a plant cell wall and why? Not rated yet
The choices are cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin, protein, and carbohydrate. I think the answers is pectin because pectin is made out repeating 6-carbon …

How many ATP are formed in light reaction from 8 water molecules? Not rated yet
The number of ATP molecules formed from 8 molecules of H2O due to noncyclic electron transport and subsequent photophosphorylation is? Assume that

How do cells recycle their anti-codons after ribosomal translation? Not rated yet
So in the process of RNA translation, anti-codons bind with corresponding codons and proteins are built using the amino acids bonded to the anti-codons. …

Explain a characteristic of life, by giving a detailed account including reasons or causes for an elephant. Not rated yet
Explain a characteristic of life, by giving a detailed account including reasons or causes for an ELEPHANT For example, for a white fox: - evolutionary …

What tissue form the surface covering of animals bodies? Not rated yet
What tissue form the surface covering of animals bodies? Study Animal Tissues .

What type of tissues are kidneys made up of? Not rated yet
I believe kidneys are lined with soft muscle tissue, but inside their are many things made up of connective tissue such as the tubules. Read Animal …

Does volvox has pulsating vacuoles? Not rated yet
I think yes because volvox lives in fresh water so they need pulsating vacuoles to pump excess water that come into cells by osmotic release. Study …

Is there a cell in which cytoskeleton is not present? Not rated yet
My teacher asked me in which cell the cytoskeleton is not included, or if every cell contains cytoskeleton. Study Cytoskeleton and Cell Movement . …

The part of the central nervous system that initiates conscious movements of the body is the? Not rated yet
cerebrum? brain stem? spinal cord? medulla oblongata? Read The Nervous System .

What is one way water can cycle through a plant? Not rated yet
Study Plant Physiology .

Why is more energy released from the Krebs cycle? Not rated yet
Study Cell Respiration .

Which parent could have a baby with blood type O? Not rated yet
Mother/Father 1.A/O 2.AB/B 3.AB/O 4.O/B Read Blood Types .

The stage of mitosis mimicked by these chemicals is? Not rated yet
Certain chemicals can be applied to the embryonic stem cells to stimulate the chromatin of the cell to shorten and thicken, beginning the development of …

If formation of spindle fibers is not accomplished, this would result in? Not rated yet
In insulin dependent diabetes, the insulin producing cells of the pancreas stop replicating. In certain cases, the proteins responsible for the formation …

How many different genotypes could be found in this offspring? Not rated yet
How many different genotypes could be found in the offspring of a mother with the genotype C,c^h and a father with C,c?

Would genetic screening be necessary if this woman becomes pregnant?  Not rated yet
A man who does not have hemophilia but whose father did is married to a women who has no history of hemophilia. Would genetic screening be necessary if …

What kingdom does Protococcus belong to? Not rated yet
Read Protists .

What do you mean by recessive epistasis in human blood group types? Not rated yet
Epistasis is basically a gene interaction in which the effects of one allele at one gene hides the effects of another allele. How can we explain the blood …

In which plant taxon does the sporophyte remain dependent on the gametophyte for a short period during its growth? Not rated yet
I am having a difficult time understanding which plant taxons have reduced gametophyte dependence. My professor made the image below but I don't understand …

Energy is released from ATP when...? Not rated yet
Every phosphate bond is broken... Study questions 1 and 2 .

Why does DNA move in an electric field? Not rated yet
DNA has electric charge.

List the concepts of the cell theory. Not rated yet
I need help. Can you give me the answer and explain it. Answer: Q&A 1

What type of molecule neurons need to absorb? Not rated yet
I need to find 1 type of molecule that neurons need to absorb, and how this molecule passes through the cell's membrane. Can anyone help me find the answers …

Trace the path of carbon from the atmosphere through an animal and back to the atmosphere. Not rated yet
Is this carbon fixation in the Calvin cycle? Don't know where the animal gets in here. Study Biogeochemical Cycles .

How many incisors does an adult have? Not rated yet
4? Human?

Do phagocytes engulf pathogens via exocytosis? Not rated yet
Read Cell Digestion .

Do phagocytes engulf pathogens via exocytosis? Not rated yet
Do phagocytes engulf pathogens via exocytosis? Read Cell Digestion .

Why is the proliferative burst after pre-BCR assembly important? How does this burst effect the B cell repertoire? Not rated yet
Why is the proliferative burst after pre-BCR assembly important? How does this burst effect the B cell repertoire?

How is energy related to growth in humans? Not rated yet
Hello. Growth depends on cells, specially cell division and cell growth. Cells depend on the breakdown of ATP (releasing energy) to function and go …

During what stage of glycolysis is the compound no longer a sugar? Not rated yet
I think after fructose-1,6- bisphosphoglycerate. Read Cell Respiration .

What does selective breeding include? Not rated yet
Study how Mendel used selective breeding to discover genetic laws .

What are the possibility of genetic modifications of humans? Not rated yet
This is mainly about gene testing. Read the review on genetic engineering .

In terms of alternation of generations, the internal parts of the pollen grains of seed producing plants are most similar to...?  Not rated yet
I know the answer is a fern gametophyte bearing only antheridia, but could you please explain why? Study Plants .

How many reactions can one enzymes help? Not rated yet
I don't understand the question. Read Enzymes .

Explain why the plant cells are organized differently than animal cells? Not rated yet
How different are the cell structures? Why? Study Cell Structure .

How is the myelin sheath involved in the process of transmitting nerve impulse along a nerve fiber? Not rated yet
You will find the answer on the the nervous system review.

What is the difference between the composition of blood and urine? How does the kidney accomplish this? Not rated yet
Good question. Read the review on the excretory system .

If antibiotics were used to kill archaea that have infected a human, what might be the likely outcome and why?  Not rated yet
If antibiotics were used to kill archaea that have infected a human, what might be the likely outcome and why?

When does a feedback loop stop? Not rated yet
Example: A person quickly runs up and down a set of stairs for 20 minutes. Their breathing rate is significantly increased during this time. Lots of ATP …

Abscisic acid is a plant hormone that causes K+ to leak out of guard cells. What effect does this have on transpiration? Not rated yet
A.When Abscisic acid levels increase near guard cells the rate transpiration will slow down B.When Abscisic acid levels increase near guard cells the …

How does a leech support the ecosystem? Not rated yet
How does the leech support the ecosystem in the rainforest? Study annelids and biodiversity .

What occurs as blood moves away from the heart? Not rated yet
Pulse increases... You will find answers on The Circulatory System .

In what way is a cell membrane selective? Not rated yet
Study cell membrane .

How is an enzyme activated? Not rated yet
Turn adp into atp? Read the review on enzyme activity .

Effects of blood alcohol concentration vary between men and women? Not rated yet
If both a man and a woman have let's say 0.9 promille of alcohol in their bloodstream is the woman "more drunk" that the man? (I'm not talking about the …

What effects can enzymes have on substrates? Not rated yet
Please, read this review .

How do enzymes attach to their substrates?  Not rated yet
Explain it briefly. Find the answer on Enzymes .

Does cell division happen in prokaryotic cells? Not rated yet
I know it happens in eukaryotic cells but.... Answer: Yes, and it means reproduction. Read Bacteria .

This image is a picture of what process? Not rated yet
These are the possible answers. dehydration synthesis photosynthesis hydrolysis cellular respiration Find the answer on Carbohydrates .

How many genes code for insulin and haemoglobin? Not rated yet
Insulin and hemoglobin are proteins. The number of genes that code for proteins may depend on the number of polypeptide chains that form them, but this …

When adding nucleotides to a growing DNA strand, how is the ATP cleavage different from the glucose reaction? Not rated yet
What is the difference in energy released and how does it occur?

Even when the bark of a tree is damaged more than half, the tree stays alive. How is this possible? Not rated yet
Due to the presence of xylem? Read Plant Tissues>/a>.

Why the mutagenesis rate of auxotrophs by mutagens for secondary metabolites is higher than in prototrophic bacteria? Not rated yet
In many industrial microbiology texts, it has written that the mutagenesis rate of secondary metabolites in auxotrophs is 10-2 to 10-1 per generation and …

What is the difference between a polyclonal antibody preparation and a monoclonal antibody preparation ? Not rated yet
Not the difference in the way they are made. Read The Immune System .

Suppose Cory blood pressure is 125 at its highest point. To return his blood pressure to normal, Cory must reduce it by what percentage? Not rated yet
Need to show work but can not understand. Note: Some information is missing. Is it a systolic or diastolic measure? If it is systolic, it is within …

What kind of molecules can move easily without the help across the plasma membrane? Not rated yet
You will find the answer on Cell Membranes .

What are the 3 different types of muscles? Not rated yet
Find the answer on question 12 here .

How large is an average human gene? Not rated yet
About half of the DNA in chromosomes contains genes. How large is an average human gene in base pairs?

Stele includes what? Not rated yet
Please, read this >a href="">Stele (biology) .

How did cell organelles get there names? Not rated yet
Good questions. Read Cell Structure .

Which genetic disorders is not a polygenic trait? Not rated yet
Study non-Mendelian inheritance.

Name 5 ways that allow fish to in live water. Not rated yet
They have scales that allow them to move in water... Read our review on Fish .

What does "surface anatomy of bone" refer to? Not rated yet
Not sure if "surface anatomy" means epiphysis, diaphysis etc. or tuberosity, condyle etc. Read Bones and Muscles . Note: This expression may refer …

How to determine 'outer space' of potato tuber? Not rated yet
When equilibrium is reached, allow ions to diffuse into known volume of water and determine the amount of ions.

What is the function of phospholipids? Not rated yet
Study Lipids .

What do you call a population of hyenas lions and zebras that live in the same area? Not rated yet
Help video or eterrnal enemies lions vs hyenas. Good question. Read our review on Ecosystems , Q&A 4.

A concentration gradient affects the direction that solutes diffuse. Describe how molecules move with respect to the concentration. Not rated yet
Molecules move from a higher concentration to a lower. That's all I know!! Study Cell Membrane .

Discuss why the hypothalamus is both an endocrine organ and part of the nervous system. Not rated yet
Read The Endocrine System> and The Nervous System .

List several reasons for mitosis in plant or animal cells. Not rated yet
Not the difference in plant or animal. Reasons for both plant and animal. You will find the answer on cell division .

Do bacterial cells make tissue? Not rated yet
Do bacterial cells group up to make a bacterial tissue? Read bacteria .

What are bryophytes? Not rated yet
It is the simplest of all the plants. Read bryophytes .

The primary chemical reaction during enzymatic digestion is? Not rated yet
You may find the answer on The Digestive System .

Are there biomes that are visually unattractive that will be lost? Not rated yet
Humans work to preserve attractive biomes,and not the unattractive. Is this a problem. Note: Interesting question. Study Biomes .

What macromolecules are starch and cellulose? Not rated yet
Monosaccharide? Study Carbohydrates .

Describe the events which take place in the thorax to cause air to be taken into lungs. Not rated yet
The lining of cilia which sweeps mucus to and from to get rid of bacteria and dust? You will find answers on The Respiratory System . …

What are the methods used to study the endocrine function of an organ? Not rated yet
Read our review on The Endocrine System .

What happens when a mutated gamete fertilizes or is fertilized by a non-mutated gamete? Not rated yet
Particularly if a gamete is mutated by the insertion or deletion of an amino acid in a chromosome? What are the possible actions of the zipping together …

What is the route taken by a glucose molecule through the blood stream from the time it is absorbed in the ileum until it reaches the brain? Not rated yet
You will find the answer by studying The Digestive System and Cell Respiration .

List the characteristics of life. Not rated yet
Some: reproduction, transmissão of characteristics to offspring through DNA or RNA, metabolism, growth, cells (except for viruses), protein structure, …

What is meant by the diploid number of a cell? Not rated yet
This is a mitosis question. Read our review on Cell Division .

What system/s aid the action of coordination in the body of mammals? Not rated yet
You will find that the nervous system interacts with the musculoskeletal system to carry out the balance of the body and movements.

Why is emasculation of a bisexual flower necessary in crop improvement programme? Not rated yet
You question may be answered through our Twitter account. Follow @BiologyAnswers.

What are characteristics of oak trees and hummingbirds as living organism? Not rated yet
I want to know if oak trees or hummingbirds have four main characteristics as living things. Can you list them for me? Please, thank you so much. Answer: …

The flu virus disrupts cellular respiration and diminishes the cell's ability to make phosphate bonds. Which of the following best predicts and explains the effects of the flu virus? Not rated yet
a. The body creates energy directly from phosphates, so if phosphate bonds are not available no energy production will take place. b. The body creates …

At what pH is an enzyme working at its maximum rate? Not rated yet
Find the answer on Enzymes .

What are the applied aspects of population interactions? Not rated yet
1. Biological control of weeds and pests- this uses negative population interacts like competition, predation and parasitism to control populations of …

Arthropoda classes crustacea and arachnida only have hemocyanin? Why others classes of arthropoda doesn't have it?  Not rated yet
Why does other classes of arthropoda doesn't have hemocyanin whereas class crustacea and arachnida have it? Read our review on Arthropods .

Why is measurement important in biology? Not rated yet
Why is it important in biology? Note: Your questions may also be answered via Twitter.

CO binds to hemoglobin with >200X the affinity of O2. This means that if both CO and O2 are present, CO will bind hemoglobin more often and for a longer period of time. Not rated yet
Answer each of the following questions in 1-2 sentences. 1) Do you think that CO carried through the blood stream by hemoglobin will be dropped off …

What is the maximum number of covalent bonds an element with atomic number 8 can make with hydrogen? Not rated yet
What is the maximum number of covalent bonds an element with atomic number 8 can make with hydrogen?

What is label moieties on gene probe? What does it do and why do we need lots it on probes? Not rated yet
I need to know the answer because I'm gonna be presenting about it.

Which system will help the immune system swiftly reach any foreign substance in the body? Not rated yet
Circulatory, endocrine, excretory, or nervous system? Good question! The key concept for the answer is the word "reach".

Describe how human kidneys function. Not rated yet
Read Excretory System .

Zebra belongs to which phylum and why? Not rated yet
Hi, zebras belong to the phylum chordates. Class mammals. Study Zoology .

Does photosynthesis defy the 2nd law of thermodynamics? Not rated yet
Some say photosynthesis defies the 2nd law of thermodynamics, while others offer vague theories why it doesn't. Please submit the exact scientific equation …

Why was Cuvier's catastrophism model neither scientific nor a theory? Not rated yet
I am not sure how to answer this. A: It entirely depends on what we call "theory" and "scientific". According to Karl Popper's philosophy of science, …

How does cell wall porosity affect the efficiency of the cell/plasma membrane to transport material across the membrane? Not rated yet
1) Does the consumption of spatial area by the cell wall affect transportation across the membrane (including diffusion)? Follow up question: Do …

Which of the following rules apply to the synthesis of nucleic acids? Not rated yet
Complementary pairing between the phosphate and the sugar is required for coping nucleic acids. Find the answer on Nucleic Acids .

Which of the following properties of water come about because of waters polar bonds and bent structure? Not rated yet
Liquid water is denser than solid water. Read our review on Water .

Can you explain the importance of a positive feedback cascade? Not rated yet
Can you explain the importance of a positive feedback cascade? A: You may find answer on Homeostasis .

Where can site of protein synthesis be attached to? Not rated yet
My biology teacher isn't a very good one, and he said all the answers are in the book, but they are not. So the question is, where can site of protein …

What kind of leaves do grapevines have? Not rated yet
What kind of leaves do grapevines have? I need to understand if they are netted or parallel. Also as to why? Why are leaves different from other leaves? …

How is molecular diagnosis done? Not rated yet
1. How are the following used in molecular diagnosis: a. Recombinant DNA technology b. ELISA c. PCR 2.How PCR detects very low amount of DNA? 3.Can …

What is the composition of the plasma membrane? Not rated yet
Find the answer on Cell Membrane .

Are mutant mice more intelligent? Not rated yet
Recently, I have read an article and it said mutant mice are more intelligent. Do you believe this?

What term describes the maximum population size that can be supported by a single environment? Not rated yet
What is exponential growth? A: Read Population Ecology .

I have to make a pyramid of biomass but I don't know how many of the organisms there are. Not rated yet
The organisms are - green river weed - piranha - manatee - jaguar A: Study trophic pyramids …

Several osmoregulation related questions. Not rated yet
Please, answer these questions. Q:1 Are all osmoregulators marine water organisms? Q:2 Are all marine water organisms osmoregulators? Q:3 Are …

Why are there fewer individuals at higher trophic levels in a food chain? Not rated yet
Good question. You will find the answer on Food Chain and Trophic Pyramids .

What are the ultrastructural features of a cell?  Not rated yet
I have options. A) nucleus B) microvillus C) rough endoplasmic reticulum D) cell wall. Read also Cell Structure .

Why arthropoda has open circulatory system but annelida has closed circulatory system? Not rated yet
Good question. Read our reviews on Arthropods and Annelids .

Can you illustrate the meiosis phase wherein n=4? Not rated yet
Read our review on Cell Division .

Why does law of independent assortment have deviations? Not rated yet
I mean how the problems can be solved based on it? Read our review on Non-Mendelian Inheritance .

When is telomerase expressed for the re-lengthening of telomeres in offspring? Not rated yet
We can't give our offspring shortened telomeres so telomerase expression is necessary to re-lengthen the telomeres, but at what stage is it expressed?

Where is the xylem in a leaf? Not rated yet
Read Plant Tissues .

What structures and processes are common to all forms of life? Not rated yet
Growth, pruning, beauty...

Why tiger didn't reach to America? Not rated yet
Why tiger didn't reach to America?

Why is cockroach considered a primitive arthropod? Not rated yet
Read the review on Arthropods .

When lysosomes lose its activity in digestion it is known as... ?  Not rated yet
Secondary lysosomes? Read our review on Cell Digestion .

What is the function of implantation? Not rated yet
It depends on what you mean by implantation. The most common meaning in Biology is related to implantation of the embryo in the uterus. You can find …

How linkage is related to the phenomenon of crossing over and to mendel's law of segregation? Not rated yet
Good question. You can find the answer by reading Linkage and Crossing Over .

Pre and post central gyrus work together, how are they different from reflex arc? Not rated yet
Good question. You will find the answer on Nervous System .

Why plants grown in soil containing humus grew better than plants grown in soil that does not contain humus? Not rated yet
Please, read question 21 of Annelids . See also Humus .

It is possible to make a union between two amino acids without the use of an ezyme? Not rated yet
Please, read our introduction to Protein Synthesis . There are many research describing alternative pathways of peptide synthesis.

What makes (chemical substance or property) which gives AIDS virus immune resistant causing prevention of phagocytic activity?  Not rated yet
What makes (chemical substance or property) which gives AIDS virus immune resistant causing prevention of phagocytic activity? Why the white blood cells …

What is the the first phylum to have reproductive systems with ducts? Not rated yet
Read the reviews under Zoology .

Why don't we have male turner syndrome? Not rated yet
X0 condition is possible but not Y0.

Is there any other viruses like HIV which enters CD4 cells? Not rated yet
CD4 cells is the primary target of HIV virus. It enters the CD4 cell and infects it which will then lead to the decreasing of CD4 cells in the human body …

Explain the advantage to organisms in developing fermentation to provide energy.  Not rated yet
Explain the advantage to organisms in developing fermentation to provide energy. Read the review on Cell Respiration .

What is the difference between placenta and plasma ? Not rated yet
Learn about placenta on Extraembryonic Membranes .

How does a plant grow just on water and sunlight and oxygen? Not rated yet
I contend - that all species, beyond the fundamental atomic building blocks (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur etc.) need only …

What is the difference between genome and genotype? Not rated yet
Genotype is the genetic appearance? No. You will find the answer on Genetic Concepts under Genetics. …

What is the most serious problem in an overpopulated community? Not rated yet
Pollution? There are many problems an overpopulated community may face. One of the main is intraspecific competition for resources. As you said, pollution …

Why is the rate of gas exchange in placenta less than in the adult lung in terms of placental structure? Not rated yet
The rate of gaseous exchange in placenta is 16 cm3 per min. While in lungs is about 240 cm3 per min... why?

What is ectoderm? Not rated yet
Origin of nervous tissue? Please, read our review on Embryonic Development .

How does the muscle of the stomach help digestion? Not rated yet
Stomach enzyme called pepsin helps break down protein. Read our review on Digestive System .

How anaemia occurs in trypanosomiasis? Not rated yet
Hypothesis: Anemia in trypanosomiasis is caused by hemolysis, that is, destruction of erythrocytes.

Why can't a leaf cell carry out the function of a tuber cell? Not rated yet
What structures in the cells make it function differently? Study Plant Tissues .

Does coffee decrease or increase the stomach pH? Not rated yet
Coffee promotes gastro-oesophageal reflux, but is not associated with dyspepsia. Coffee stimulates gallbladder contraction and colonic motor activity. …

What is diabetes mellitus? Not rated yet
Diabetes mellitus or simply diabetes is a disease in which the level of blood glucose is often higher than normal due to lack of insulin or insulin resistance. …

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