CO binds to hemoglobin with >200X the affinity of O2. This means that if both CO and O2 are present, CO will bind hemoglobin more often and for a longer period of time.

by Raseel

Answer each of the following questions in 1-2 sentences.

1) Do you think that CO carried through the blood stream by hemoglobin will be dropped off at target cells, such as muscle cells? Why or why not?

2) If CO could be dropped off at target cells, could it be used as a substitute for O2 in cellular respiration? Why or why not?

3) If CO can not be used like O2, what do you think are the common symptoms of CO poisoning? (Hint: Some of the symptoms of sickle cell anemia are directly due to low oxygen concentration, others are due to sickle cells blocking blood flow).

Study Cell Respiration.

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