Describe fertilization and pollination in flowering plants.

by Robert

This is a question from AP Biology 2008:

"Flowering plants have evolved various strategies for fertilization.
(a) Describe the process of fertilization in flowering plants.
(b) Discuss TWO mechanisms of pollen transfer and the adaptations that facilitate each mechanism"

I think that BQ&A explains the subject in its reviews of Botany, specially the angiosperms and the vegetal physiology reviews.

Answers for Describe fertilization and pollination in flowering plants.

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Think About Gametophytes, Fecundation and Pollination
by: Marcia

For the part (a) of the question it is necessary to describe what are and the roles of the male (pollen grain) and female (embryonic sac) gametophytes of angiosperms. Then one can discuss the fertilization process that happens after pollination until the formation of the embryo, seeds and fruits.

For the part (b) pick TWO of the pollination mechanisms, like chiropterophily and entomophily, and explain characteristics of flowers and plants that evolved to facilitated those strategies, for example, respectively, flowers that open at night for bats to help their pollination and flowers that have nectar to attract insects.

Note that all such information is featured in the angiosperms review of Biology Questions and Answers.

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