Diseases Review Questions

Study Common Human Diseases

Learn about the main types of human diseases through the sections below.

Here you can study the concepts of parasitism, bacterial infections, viral infections, fungal and worm diseases, prions and degenerative pathologies such as heart disease and cancer.

Diseases Review Questions

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What is parasitism? What are ectoparasites and endoparasites? Learn the answers through this brief review.

Bacterial Infections

Here, you can learn about the most common bacterial infections: pneumonia, tuberculosis, leprosy, meningitis, syphilis and more.

Protozoan Diseases

Here, you can learn about malaria, Chagas disease and other protozoan infections. This is a great review made up of questions and answers.

Fungal Infections

Here, you can find a brief review of fungal infections. Study this and other subjects with Biology Questions and Answers.

Viral Infections

Study the main viral infections including hepatitis, dengue, yellow fever, the flu and more. Learn the difference between antibacterial and antiviral drugs.


This is a must-read page that contains  a review consisting of 15 questions and answers, with all you need to know about HIV infection and AIDS.

Worm Diseases

Learn about the infections caused by tapeworms, hookworms, ascaris, schistosomes and more through this review with Q&As.

Prion Diseases

Learn the definition of a prion and the main prion infections.

Degenerative Diseases

Here, you can find a review of high blood pressure, coronary atheromatosis, heart attacks, cerebrovascular disease, cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

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  • Move on to the next Q&A once you've learned everything in the one you are studying
  • After the last one, review all Q&As
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