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What is the cause of galactosemia?  
Read Karyotype and Genetic Diseases .

Prions are similar to viruses in? 
a. activity b. structure c. size d. none of the above Read Prion .

What is the medical importance of protozoa? 
Study Protozoan Diseases .

What is wrong with the heart's cells in the case of degenerative heart disease? 
What happens to the heart's cells when someone has a degenerative heart disease? Study Degenerative Diseases .

What are two reasons it can become difficult to cure a bacterial infection? 
Two reasons needed for this question relating to biology.

What is one disorder that can affect the immune system? 
How does it affect the immune system?

Describe the major differences in how a viral infection is treated and how a bacterial infection is treated. 
I really do not know the answer, is there any one out there to help? Note: read our reviews on bacterial and viral diseases, under Diseases.

How do people get jaundice? 
Click on post comments to answer.

Which of the following pertains to diphtheria? 
Click on post comments to answer.

What disease can a tapeworm cause? 
Click on post comments to answer.

Define pathogen. 
A microorganism, such as a bacteriun, that parasitizes an animal or plant or a human and produses a disease. Click on post comments to answer. …

How does tapeworm live in a human body? 
Can you eat something can makes you catch tapeworms?

Gallstone blocking the common bile duct is often identified with what symptoms? 
Gallstone blocking the common bile duct is often identified with what symptoms?

Other than o&p, what lab or xrays will reveal the presence of schistosomiasis in a human? 
The disease was "delivered" to me and local doctors and specialists are not familiar with signs and symptoms of this disease eg esophagitis, gastritis, …

Can virus infection be treated? Why? 
I think .... yes, it can be treated. Because if virus infections were not treated death rate on account of viral infection will high.

What is one disease having to do with the musculoskeletal system? 
One disease is osteoartritis. Osteoartritis is a degenerative bone disease, that can be a result of overuse or age. Osteoarthritis can result in pain and/or …

How many diseases are there in the world? 
I would like a rough estimation for an RE essay. I am writing about why God doesn't exist and one of my points is diseases.

Is malaria caused by other insects or not and why? 
I think because malaria occur under specific conditions, but i need a proper answer

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