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What are structures that are similar? 
I'm doing a crossword puzzle for Biology and i don't know the answer to this description. Any help? Read Evolution Theory .

Black panthers are common in the rain forests but not in the grasslands, explain how natural selection could bring this about? 
Would be grateful if someone could help me with this please. Read Evolution Theory .

Who's was the theory of evolution? 
Charles Darwin came up with the theory for evolution and natural selection (survival of the fittest)? Study Evolution Theory .

How are specialized cells related to multicellular organisms? 
Cell,tissue,organ,organ system,organism. Read Cell Tissue .

What other hypotheses might scientists use to explain these similarities? 
Evolutionary biologists usually define homologies as 'similarities due to common ancestry'. Study Evolution Theory .

Which was the first organism that appeared on earth? 
Multicellular plants, multicellular animals, photosynthetic organisms, chemosynthetic organisms? Study Origin of Life .

Phylogeny, silent features,and classification. 
I am msc student and have to give presentation on this topic so please help me out. Read Life Kingdoms - Monera, Protista, Fungi, Animalia, Plantae, …

Modern land plants envolved from? 
What do modern plants envolved from it has to be with kingdoms of fungi and plantae.

All living things share the "what" of life? 
Nedd to know the word for the "what" item. Click on post comments to answer.

Explain the biochemical theory of origin of life. 
FROM LESSON ORIGIN OF LIFE. Click on post comments to answer.

What is endosymbiotic theory? 
Click on post comments to answer. For studying more than 1800 Bioloqy questions correctly answered download our ebook .

What was the period of origin of cynobacteria? 
period of origin of cynobacteria

What are analogous organs? 
Definition of analogous.

Why photosynthetic eukaryotes appeared later than photosynthetic prokaryotes? 
It is regarding the time line of the origin of life.

what is paedomorphosis? 
it is the retention in an adult organism of the juvenile features of its evolutionary ancestors

How do fossil evidence, the analysis of DNA, and the study of homologous and analogous structure explain that evolution has occurred? 
Fossil evidence is used to prove that evolution has occurred; using the analysis of DNA, which is used to determine the relationship among species, also …

What is the origin of autotroph organisms? 
Read our review on the origin of life .

What are the causes of evolution? 
What are the causes of evolution?

What are more ways biologists explain the origins of life? 
I am researching this question so I will be able to answer how biologists explain the adaptions of organisms and their distribution.

Was Lamarck's explanation scientific, why or why not? 
I think it was scietific. Note of editor: Yes it was. Scientific doesn't mean true. Scientific means possible of being evaluated by empiric tests and …

Strictly speaking, the phrase "like begets like" refers to what? 
My choices are: a) sexual reproduction only, b) all forms of reproduction, c) sexual reproduciton between different species, d) asexual reproduction, …

Evolution is a change in? 
Time? Click on post comments to answer.

Of the following anatomical structures, which is homologous to the bones in the wings of a bird? 
A) cartilage in the dorsal fin of a shark B) bones in the hind limb of a kangaroo C) chitinous struts in the wing of a butterfly D) bony rays in the …

Homologous structures such as the bones in wings, flippers and arms would be studied in the following field... 
A.comparative Anatomy B.Biogeography C.the fossil records D.comparative Embryology

Which does not describe a change in DNA to allow for a new species to evolve? 
gene deletions frameshift mutation guanine is substituted for adenine isolation of members of a population Click on post comments to answer.

Which of the following is reflective of the phrase "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts"? 
natural selection high-throughput technology feedback regulations emergent properties reductionism

How did chordates originate? 
Click on post comments to answers.

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