How do changes in blood osmotic pressure relate to urine output?

by Apple

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Answers for How do changes in blood osmotic pressure relate to urine output?

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Blood osmotic pressure and urine output
by: Zago Malawi

Significantly from the mechanism of osmosis (which is about water), changes in terms of water intake will determine urine output by making the blood either become more dilute/less.

Where an individual has excess water in the blood -the excess will be lost to the glomerular filtrate and after reabsorption of other components of the glomerular filtrate (glucose, and the salts) the remains will eventually form an abundance in terms of urine output (this will decrease the blood osmotic pressure).

The vice versa when it enacts the place of ADH which enhances the opening of the walls of the nephron hence reabsorption of water and therefore less urine output. (This will maintain the blood osmotic pressure to a constant range.)

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