How does a boiled enzyme work?

by Alistair

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Answers for How does a boiled enzyme work?

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how the boiled enzyme works
by: Anonymous

Enzymes are proteins in nature and function well at moderate temperature at high temperature enzyme structure is altered hence cannot function.when an enzyme is boiled its structure is altered hence will not function.

Bio Assignments
by: Nicole

Boiled enzyme denature, which means the folded proteins and amino acids that make up the enzyme unfold into straight chains. Since the function of enzymes are largely based on shape, then enzymes are rendered inactive, if not destroyed outright.

How does a boiled enzyme work?
by: Mnawaru Abdulkarim

An enzyme is a biological catalyst that alter the rate of chemical reactions within a body i.e can speed up or slow down the rate of reactions.Being protein in nature does not function once boiled since at high temperature protein is denatured and become functionless.

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