How does protein structure influence muscle contraction?

by Marcia

This is from the part (b) of the first free-response question of AP Biology 2008.

By studying the protein structure review and the musculoskeletal system review of Biology Questions and Answers one can easily answer the question.

Remember actin and myosin interacting inside the sarcomere and how protein structure is fundamental for interaction between proteins.

Note how answering questions is easy if you know all the basic information about the subjects.

A tip: When facing a question, try first to guess the general subject the question is about.

Answers for How does protein structure influence muscle contraction?

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Example Answer
by: Val

Since muscle contraction depends on interactions between actin, myosion and some intermediate molecules, the primary protein structure of such proteins and their spatial conformation are fundamental for their functioning. For example, actin and myosin, both filamentous proteins that slide past each other or troponin/tropomyosin interactions that blocks the binding of myosin to actin.

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