How to estimate DNA composition of ancestors from one's DNA print?

by Dee Harris
(Tucson, Arizona)

My DNA print is as follows: 85% indo-european, 3% east asian, 0% african and 12% native american. If the 12% native american
came from mother or father side of the family, does that mean my mother would be 25% native american, grandmother 50% and great grandmother 100%, provided each married a 100% european?

Answers for How to estimate DNA composition of ancestors from one's DNA print?

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Not Possible to Say That?
by: Anonymous

I think it is not possible to say that 25%, 50% and 100% are the respective native american DNA of the mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

The only thing I see is that, considering the condition that the native american DNA came only through the maternal ascendence (just like mitochondrial DNA?), it is certain that mother, grandmother and great grandmother have AT LEAST 12% of native american DNA each.

I am not certain if it is possible to determine things like "native american DNA", "afroamerican DNA", "european DNA", etc.

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