How would you define the "scope of science?"

by Eric

There is the scientific method which I understand but what is the scope of science part of it?

Hi Eric. This is an interesting question. We at Biology Q&As are fans of the philosophy of science of Karl Popper.

For him, science is critical thinking. Everything that requires some explanation belongs to the scope of science. You can understand this better if you, along with Popper, consider all fields of science, including biology, as a branch of cosmology. Everything within the cosmos (and even outside it) may be a subject for scientific research and explanatory hypotheses.

Empirical science, however, needs critical tests, which are only possible if we can imagine situations in which tests fail. If a theory passes those tests, it can be provisionally accepted as a good theory. If tests are not possible (yet), for example, about what exists outside the universe, this is not empirical science, it is still metaphysical.

We hope this explanation helps you. And read Karl Popper (himself, not interpreters).


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