I need to calculate the enzyme activity.

by ahmad taghipour

i have the absorbances of my samples and i need to calculate the activity of these enzymes with extinction cofficient. my enzymes are superoxidase dismutase, peroxidase guaiacol and catalase and for example the extinction cofficient of tetraguiacol is 26.6 and the absobance of a sample is 0.5641 .
and i have this formula which can calculate the concentration of these enzymes but i need the activity of those.
and please give me a direct method to calculation of the superoxide dismutase , peroxidase and catalase activities
one sample absorbance for these enzymes?
superoxide dismutase absorbance is 0.7562
peroxidase guaiacol is 0.5641
catalase absorbance is 0.4236

A = εbC

A = absorbance
ε = molar extinction coefficient
b = cell length of cuvette
C = concentration

A = εbC
0.5641 = (26.6)*(1 cm)*C
C = 0.021 moles/L or 0.0021M
please help me
my email: mollazadeh_ahmad@yahoo.com

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