Mary decides to receive GnRH shots. Unknown to Mary, she had a small benign tumor in her ovary that over produced progesterone.

by Dylan

Explain how this may or may not impact the effectiveness of the GnRH shots(include the basic function of GnrH and what it could do if used as an infertility drug, what the basic function of progesterone is for an how it works).

My answer: The GnRH releases chemicals to the pituitary glad which tells it to release LH and FSH which are hormones. If Mary had too much progesterone it would block off the process of her being impregnated. The benign tumor in her ovary would make it harder for the sperm to get to the egg. Much of the sperm would be already dead by the time it got to the ovary.

I want to understand what I did wrong.

Read The Endocrine System.

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