Microbiology Review Questions

Study Microbiology Through Intelligent Q&As

This review of microbiology is based on logical sequences of Q&As and is where you begin your study of living individual organisms. Bacteria, protists, fungi, and viruses are the simplest organisms found on our beautiful planet.

Microbiology Review Questions

But these organisms do not always contribute in beautiful ways. Some of them cause serious diseases, such as AIDS and bacterial infections. We will study diseases later on, but this section will provide fascinating information on such “bugs”.

Despite their bad press, bugs are very interesting beings. It is likely that our bodies evolved from these bugs after many millions of evolutionary changes. As you review the Q&As on these organisms, you may find yourself seeing them in a far different and more admiring light.

Choose a microbiology subject to study


If you’re looking to learn about bacteria, these conceptual Q&As are just what you need to study.


Here you’ll find Q&As on protozoans and algae—the complete protists review.


Complete a full fungi review with these probing and informative Q&As.


Here you’ll find a comprehensive array of Q&As designed to educate you on viral structure, reproduction, DNA viruses, RNA viruses and more.

Learn Faster

  • Choose a subject to learn
  • Study the sequence of Q&As from first to last 
  • Move on to the next Q&A once you've learned everything in the one you are studying
  • After the last one, review all Q&As
  • Remember to bookmark this page

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