Photosynthesis takes place in what type(s) of cells?

by Joey

Hello, My name is Joey,
Today we were finishing up a chapter in our Biology class and our test is on Friday, so I was working on my study guide and the question was
Photosynthesis takes place in what type(s) of cells?
I asked my teacher if the answer would be eukaryotic, or prokaryotic. She kept saying that plants weren’t eukaryotic and that the answer would be that photosynthesis takes place in “Plant and some prokaryotic plants.” This bothered me because I researched that photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplast of eukaryotic cells. My teacher kept stating that us (as in humans) are eukaryotic, and we obviously don’t perform photosynthesis so why would plants be eukaryotic. If you can respond about what you believe the answer would be, that would be great!
Thank you so much.


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