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• Relate the molecular structure of the cell membrane with how it maintains an electrical-chemical gradient
• Describe the contribution of each of the following to the establishment and maintenance of a membrane potential: Na+/K+ ATPase pump, passive movement of K+ and Na+ across the membrane, large intracellular anions.
• Use the Nernst equation to determine the membrane potential for a given ion concentration
• Account for changes in membrane potential by describing specific changes in ion permeability and the type of ion channel involved in generating an action potential.
• Trace the steps of synaptic transmission from presynaptic impulse to postsynaptic activation
• Differentiate various modes of synaptic transmission
• Apply normal physiology of neurons to case studies of changes in ion concentrations, pathology of neural activation and conduction
• Create a conceptual map of major elements of the nervous system and link structure and function

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