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Humans have m,n, mn blood group? How? 
Read Blood Types Review .

What are the types of blood vessels? 
Study The Circulatory System - Complete Review .

What are the three main steps in PCR?  
The three main steps involve 1. denaturation 2. annealing 3. expansion Read Genetic Engineering .

What is osmosis? 
How does it help the plant grow? Study Cell Membrane .

What is the prolactin production organ? 
Study The Endocrine System .

What method of transmission of a virus is the most effective and why? 
Respiratory? because it is airborne... Not sure or Zoonotic because these are diseases transmitted from an animal to a human (mosquitoes, ticks, and sandflies). …

Which type of bacteria (gram-positive or negative) are more commonly pathogens? How might this information be useful?  
Gram negative bacteria are commonly pathogens but why is it important to know this? Study Bacterial Infection .

Why is it more difficult to estimate heritablility in humans than in livestock? 
Human traits are not inherited the same way as in other animals. Read Genetics .

What are plants? 
Plants are living things that various different parts. Study Plants .

What is primary branch in plant? 
Study Plant Tissues .

Can you tell me what this plant needs? 
Can you tell me what my orchid may need? Or what I need to do to make it look like a normal plant? I have had it for quite some time & am afraid to replant …

What is nemertea? 
What are the characteristics of them? Check:

What is required in an aerobic proccess? 
Study Cell Respiration .

Give the classification of carbohydrates. 
Study Carbohydrates Properties Review from Biology Questions and Answers .

What is the life cycle of the fungus Rhizopus.? 
I have to draw the life cycle of this fungi and indicate where mitosis and meiosis occur, if anyone can help out thank you! Read Fungi Kingdom Review …

What is meant by birth control? 
Read Reproductive System .

I need a diagram to show how the circulatory, respiratory and digestive system work together during exercise? please help. 
I need a diagram to show how the circulatory, respitatory and digestive system work together during exercise? please help Study Physiology Review - …

How does thyroxine affect blood sugar? 
Study The Endocrine System .

How is the adaptability of body plan to the higher chordates? 
Study Chordates - Easy Zoology Review .

Viruses has not been categorised under any of the classical five kingdom classifications is it due to its crystallized form only or their are more reasons for its been uncategorized? 
I've always wondered why viruses have not been brought under any of the five kingdom classification of Mr.R.H.Whittaker? Viruses show both living and non-living …

What are mutagens? Mention its types. 
Study Karyotype and Genetic Diseases .

Write a short note on ATP? 
Read Cell Respiration .

Why do both zoology and botany texts include studies of the protista? 
Read Protists - Definition, Types, Structure .

Are different cells distributed equally? 
plant cell animal cell Study Cell Tissue .

Which of the following would not be a limiting factor related to population density? 
a. parasitism and disease b. a struggle for food, water, space, or sunlight c. the eruption of a volcano Read Population Ecology .


Which phenomena is responsible for crossing over in diploid organisms? 
(1) linkage between genes (2) recombination between linked genes (3) segregation between genes (4) dominance of genes Read Linkage .

What animals are most efficient eaters? 
I would like to know either (a) what animal(s) is/are most efficient in extracting energy or calories from food, (b) how one would go about finding an …

What are virus? Describe size, shape and structure of virus. 
Study Viruses - Definition, Structure, Genetics and Replication .

Why do ventricles have thicker walls than auricles? 
Read The Circulatory System - Complete Review .

How does a change in pH affect the structural levels of a protein? Be specific and detailed in you answer and refer to ALL levels of protein structure. 
I know that at extreme pH values, the proteins become denatured but could you please explain how they are denatured at each structural level? Thank you. …

Describe the polymorphism in Physalia utriculus. 
I know that polymorphism is the existence of more than structural type of an individual within a single species. does this perhaps concern the life cycle …

How can we test primary amino group? 
Study Protein Synthesis Made Easy .

What vessels or vasculatures does growth hormone travel through to go from the pituitary to the right tibia? 
From what I could gather it goes directly into the circulatory system possibly through a capillary bed, cycles through to the heart and gets pumped down …

Why isnt chickenpox virus considered a living thing? 
Study Viruses - Definition, Structure, Genetics and Replication .

What are the meninges? 
Read Nervous System .

What causes limp celery to get crispy when soaked in fresh water? 
a. plasmolysis b. turgor presure c. diffusion d. endocytosis Read Cell Membrane .

Is it possible for what biologist would call an "animal" to evolve that does not have to eat other life forms to survive? 
I don't know the answer. Read Evolution Theory . Note: Technological evolution might help towards that in the future.

What are the issues regarding the use of genetic cloning to produce human insulin? 
Hi there I was wondering about this qustion as I have a school science project at school and I was looking for peoples view/opinions/issues on this topic. …

Which type of forest has highest carbon dioxide sequestering potential? 
There are several types of forests such as Tropical dry deciduous forests,Tropical wet deciduous forest,tropical wet evergreen forests,himalayan mountaineous …

Which stage in ecological sucession has highest species diversity? 
There are several stages in any type of ecological sucession and i want to know at which stage in sucession species diversity is highest. Is species diversity …

What is the ploidy of the structures on/in a flower? 
Do the petals and sepals even have a ploidy? #goodquestion Study Plants .

What will be the effect on consumers when the population of primary consumers is increased? 

What is an example of a pioneer community? 
Read Ecological Succession .

What are basic forms of bacteria? 
Read Bacterial Cell .

How is the nervous system involved in tetraplegia? 
I know the spinal chord is covered by neurons and when it broken your are unable to move from the neck down. Study Nervous System .

Why do vitamins need to be eaten in a small amounts? 
Study Nutrition Vitamins - Easily Explained .

What are ribosoms made of ? 
Read Cell Structure .

On what principle is Benedict Test based? 
What happens when a few drop of Iodine are dripped on the carrot and the slices of potatoes? Study Carbohydrates Properties Review from Biology Questions …

What does the respiratory system help control in the bloodstream? 
I can't find the answer in my book. Study Breathing Process .

In dogs, wire hair(S)is dominant to smooth(s). In a cross of a homozygous wire-haired dogs with a smooth-haired dog, what will be the phenotype of the F1generation? 
What would be the genotype? What would be the ratio of wire-haired to smooth-haired dogs in the F2 generation? Study Genetics .

Give some examples of saturated n unsaturated lipids? 
Study Fat Review - Lipids Explained on Biology Questions and Answers .

What is the nervous system of the planaria? 
Also, how does it problem solve? Is it considered a clever organism, so to speak? Study Flatworms Review .

Why do protozoans some times make use of sexual reproduction although they can reproduce asexually? 
Enviromental conditions have effect on which kind of reproduction protozoa must use. Read Protists - Definition, Types, Structure .

Do incomplete dominance is also called supplementary gene interaction? 
In incomplete dominance ,neither dominant nor recessive character is expressed in the F1 generation.Instead a intermediate character is expressed. IN the …

Why it is said that all life depends upon photosynthesis? 
Photosynthesis? Read Photosynthesis Process - The Easiest Online Review .

Why are nodes in plants adjacent to each other? 
To allow the development of flowers? Study Plant Tissues .

Are proteins present in the lymphatic system? 
Study The Circulatory System - Complete Review .

Why is it an advantage to be able to create art? 
Good question. Study Evolution Theory ,

Name the classification of life. 
Study Life Kingdoms - Monera, Protista, Fungi, Animalia, Plantae, Virus .

Phylum Nematoda is... 
WHAT IS PHYLUM NEMATODA? Read Nematoda - from Zoology Review .

What are pentoses and their roles in DNA and RNA? 
The pentose sugar of RNA is called ribose. If an oxygen atom is removed then ribose is changed to deoxyribose, the pentose sugar of DNA. Conventional numbering …

What is natural selection? 
Study Evolution .

Show punnett square to homozygous red-flowered snapdragon(RR)and homozygous white-flowered snapdragon (R'R'). give the genotype and phenotype of the offsprings. Key RR-red, R'R'-white, RR'-pink 
A punnett square for a cros between a homozygous red-flowered snapdragon(RR)and a homoygous white-flowered snapdragon (R'). Give the genotype and phenotype …

What is the different between organ and organic? 
Study Biochemistry Introduction .

Why is the segregation of different genes considered independent? 
I am getting all sorts of answers from different sources and I think this is one of the most reliable sites so an answer from you guys would be much appreciated. …

Why it is said that all life depends upon photosynthesis? 
Study Photosynthesis Process - The Easiest Online Review .

Homeostasis of organisms means they have? 
Homeostasis of organisms means they have? Study Homeostasis .

Define nucleotide. 
Study Nucleic Acid .

Why amphibians are considered as unsuccessful land vertebrates? 
They are said to be unsuccessful land vertebrates because they failed to adapt completely to the land environment. Read Frog Facts .

A nucleotide is composed of the following molecules arranged in this order: 
a. Three amino acids covalently bonded in a series. b. Three fatty acids individually bonded to three different places on glycerol. c. A base …

What contains enzymes that convert fats to sugar?  
What contains enzymes that convert fats to sugar? a) lysosome b) tonoplast c) mitochondrion d) Golgi apparatus e) peroxisome Read Digestion …

Give a brief explanation of the division of photosynthesis into these two stages. 
Study Photosynthesis Process - The Easiest Online Review .

How does the circulatory system met the other systems? 
Study The Circulatory System - Complete Review .

What is the advantage of having a venous heart? 
Want to know the advantage of this type of heart... Study The Circulatory System - Complete Review .

Which atoms make compound of cell? 
kindly tell me all the level of organization of cardiac cell and renal cell? Read Biochemistry Introduction .

Orthostatic hypotension may is caused by which system? 
Sympathetic, Parasympathetic, Somatic motor or Somatic sensory? Study The Circulatory System - Complete Review .

How does the function of meiosis differ from that of mitosis?  
Mitosis makes new cells that are used in growth, development, repair, and asexual reproduction. Meiosis makes cells that allow an organism to reproduce …

Why are extraembryonic membranes so named? 
I don't know the answer. Study Extraembryonic Membranes .

Why do frogs live on land and not constant in water? 
Why don't frogs just stay in the water all the time? Read Frog Facts .

What is the effect of increasing the initial population size on overall growth?  
Also, Compare the effect of increasing the growth rate on the overall population size.

How can we tell which plants and wildlife in our local are are truly native to the area 
The area of sussex county nj especially? Related: Biodiversity .

Which are proteins that act as catalysts? 
A)Nucleotides B)Disaccharides C)Fatty acids D)enzymes Study Enzyme Activity .

Write a note on any two genetic diseases. 
Study Karyotype and Genetic Diseases .

Do lipids interact with polypeptides to form quarternary structures? 
I believe that lipids can interact with some polypeptides so my tentative answer is yes. Read Fat Review - Lipids Explained on Biology Questions and …

A cross of a black chicken (BB) with a white chicken (WW) produces all speckled offspring (BBWW). This type of inheritance is known as 
A. incomplete dominance B. Polygenic inheritance C. codominance D. multiple alleles Read Genetics .

What is the significance of polarity and solubility in the behaviour of lipids in the body? 
Does the way in which phospholiopds position themselves have any significance to this? Read Fat Review - Lipids Explained on Biology Questions and …

What would happen I'd there were no primary consumers in an ecosystem? 
Will it be the same if there were no secondary consumers? Study Food Chain .

What are the Mendel's laws? 
Read Mendel's Laws .

What is meant by pinocytic anaemia? 
Anaemia associated with pregnancy? Read Blood Questions .

How many percent difference in DNA are there between dogs and cats? 
The difference between chimpanzee and human is about 1% and between human and neanderthal is 0.004., I have heard. But what is the difference between dogs …

How does music affect the learning capability of human? 
Well for me, its a matter of concentration but others says that it could possibly increased your knowledge. We should conduct a research on this. This …

What is the function of cortical granules? 
Function of cortical granules. Study Physiology Review - Questions and Answers for Biology Exams .

What are the unique characteristics of plants that other organisms don't have? 
Plants produce there own food. They undergo photosythesis. Read Plants .

Why the meiosis process is necessary for gametogenesis to occur? 
Gametogenesis is the process of producing sex cells or gametes so that when each parent contributes them a union (zygote) will be formed carrying the exact …

What is the relationship between an enzyme and a substrate? 
The relationship is that of a key and a lock. Study Enzyme Activity .

List seven structure in cells and what they do. 
Test question for my next quiz. Thank you guys a lot!! Read Cell Structure .

What is blastosis? 
Read Blood Types Review .

How many eggs do the female have? 
Study Gametogenesis .

Which of the following would be produced by meiosis?  
red blood cell cells of the stem in plants sperm cell epithelial read Cell Division .

What is cyclomorphosis? 
Study The Environment .

Why is protozoan not considered and animal cell? 
Being that protozoan looks so much like and animal cell and have some attributes. Read Protists - Definition, Types, Structure .

What is the flexible ribbon of teeth? 
Study Mollusca - Study Guide .

What is saturation in the context of transport across membranes? 
Is saturation the opposite of diffusion in which a molecule moves from an area of low concentration to that of high concentration? Study Cell Membrane …

How an excretory system can function as a regulator? 
An excretory system not only rids a body of waste materials, but also has a very important regulatory effect upon it. The Excretory System .

What is really the role of enzymes in the body? 
What is the work of enzyme in the body? Enzyme Activity

What is glucose? 
Read Carbohydrates Properties Review from Biology Questions and Answers .

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