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What is the role of stomach in digestion of food? 
Stomach plays an important role in digestion of food when we eat the food our saliva attached with the food and then the food is going on the stomach and …

What is the purpose of hyphae and mycelium? 
They sometimes function as attachments?

What is the immunological mechanism of blood typing test?  
and... What is the immunological mechanism of pregnancy test and ovulation test?

How are birds adapted to their function? 
They have ossified skeleton with air cavities in the bones and each jaw is covered with horny sheath forming beak.

why inflammation, which is the defense mechanism of body, cause destruction of tissues? 
when defense mechanism fails to meet the goal to fight with the toxins produced by pathogens.

What are ways in which human populations change? 
A list of ways in which human populations change.

Describe the functions of the longitudinal and circular muscles in annelids. 
Which of these muscles are not found in nematods?

What are the abiotic and biotic changes in primary and secondary succession? 
Also, how are these changes similar and how are they different?

Arthropods being more advanced than annelids why they posses less advanced type of circulation? 
Study Zoology Review - Questions and Answers for Biology Exams .

What is ecological limit and the size of population? 
It is related to the population ecology.

What are 3 layers of flatworms? 
scolex(head); neck; strobila

Why the term plant is appointed for autotrophic organism? 
I am in BS_hons microbiology this is a question related my enrolled course plant and tissue culture why plants are called plants? i need a logical answer …

What is innate immunity and its features? 
Study The Immune System .

Which description represents the affects of osmosis on a plant cell when the concentration of sugar particles is greater inside the cell than outside? 
The diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane is called osmosis. A) water diffuses into the cell, and the cell swells B) water …

How does PSll go about phosphorylating ATP molecules? 
How does P680 contribute in the phosphorylation of ATP molecules in the light dependent stage of photosynthesis?

Is it correct to say that all of the genes required for female sexual development is located on the X chromosome? 
In humans, …… A. All of the genes required for female sexual development are located on the X chromosome B. the SRY gene, located on the Y chromosome, …

At what concentration of ATP in a cell willing it stop producing ATP? 
In a muscle cell atp is used to start the process of contraction. I'm looking for information for the concentration of atp in the body when rigor motis …

What is meant denaturation of an enzyme? 
Study Protein Structure .

Rapid cytokine temporal changes 
Hi, I am wondering if there are cells in which the secretion of cytokines can be modulated quickly. Or cells that can rapidly (in minutes) secrete cytokines …

What are some characteristics of mammals?  
Warm blooded, perform gas exchange.

Explain why, in the presence of cyanide, lactate is produced but not carbon dioxide? 
This is because reduced NAD is not oxidised since oxidative phosphorylation is stopped.

What are the physiological processes that determine the rate of dry matter accumulation of plants? 
The levels of organization ranging from subcellular to whole crop canopies.

In a diploid plant, which of the following structure(s) is/are triploid?  
a. leaf b. endosperm c. pollen d. egg e. petals

What is the term for a cell that is no longer functional? 
Non-contagious? Bent? Broken? Contaminated? Cancerous?

How do fishes do gas exchange? 
Fishes have a pair of kidneys that filtrate the blood. Bony fishes excrete nitrogen as ammonia, NH3, (they are ammoniotelic) and cartilaginous fishes excrete …

Uniqueness of diploid number of chromosomes 
1) How and reasons to maintain diploid chromosomal number from one generation to another. 2) How and reasons to produce gametes with haploid number …

What is nervous and sensory structures of crustaceans? 
Crustacean is class from phylum Arthropod.

What organisms would appear as succession progresses? 
I don't know what the answer is. Can you help me?

How long are viruses highly contagious? 
Study Viral Infections .

What does the circulatory system do? 
It pups blood but does it do anything else? How?

What is a pyramid of biomass? 
is it a pyramid of the total mass of an organism in a given area?

How is genetic engineering beneficial to other fields such as medicine? 
Genetic engineering could possibly lead to more advanced medicine. Scientists could manipulate substances using genetic engineering to make the perfect …

How would decreasing a population affect energy flow? 
Read Food Chain and Trophic Pyramids .

Why don't the two cells made in mitosis have identical cytoplasm? 
Cytoplasm division happen in cytokineses.

For tissue building during growth phase human body requires additional ammount of nutrients? 
A. Protein only B. Protein and energy only C. Protein, energy and micronutrients D. Protein, energy and dietary fibre

which of the following organ systems does not have direct contact with the external environment?  
1. reproductive 2. respiratory 3. excretory 4. digestive 5. circulatory

What happens in the cells when the carbon dioxide and water meet in the cells? 
What happens in the cells when carbon dioxide and water meet in the cells?

How does powering of vehicles with fuels help to reduce air pollution? 
Hydrogen readily combines with oxygen to form water, this water is now used to power vehicles, how does this help to reduce air pollution.

Organisms that carry out the process of photosynthesis use the glucose for what? 
Study Photosynthesis Process - The Easiest Online Review .

Name and briefly describe the 4 classes of mollusks? 
Study Mollusca - Study Guide .

Do lysosomes depend on another organelle to digest food? 
Read Intracellular Digestion - Lysosomes and Apoptosis .

Why does a tapeworm not require a circulatory system? 
Because they use simple diffusion to obtain materials/nutrients from the host.

Difference between the the mitosis that takes place in somatic cells and the mitosis that takes place in embryo. 
Interphase is long in somatic cells whereas interphase is short in embryonic cell.

Respiration is viewed most simply as the oxidation of ATP. Justify the statement. 
Respiration refers to the breaking down of c-c bonds through oxidation within the cells and the energy is released in a series of slow steps wise reactions …

What is the karyotype found in breast cancer? Where is the disorder occurring? 
No matter how much i search, I cant find the answer.

How do bivalves gastropods protect themselves? 
Read Mollusca - Study Guide .

What are the three hormones released during puberty stages? 
Progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone?

How does the enzyme lowers the activation energy? 
How does enzymes lowers the activation energy?

How to find the recombination frequency? 
How to calculate recombination frequency, I mean how can we calculate gene distance from recombination frequency if we don't know how to calculate or find …

What is passive transport? 
Is it related to active transport.

Compare the locations of myelinated and unmyelinated nerve fibres in the brain and spinal cord. 
Compare the locations of myelinated and unmyelinated nerve fibres in the brain and spinal cord.

What is the transition of frogs from land to water? 
What are the problems that they are facing?

What are the five phyla of kingdom fungi? 
Read Fungi Kingdom Review .

Why are living organisms classified? 
Read Life Kingdoms - Monera, Protista, Fungi, Animalia, Plantae, Virus .

Plant tissues usually contain a wide variety of vitamins, what is the role of these vitamins with respect to enzyme activity? 
Considering the specificity of enzymes with respect to their substrate requirements, briefly explain the mechanism of enzyme action.

How is the weakened virus structurally different from the normal virus? 
read Viruses - Definition, Structure, Genetics and Replication .

What is the shape of the pyramid of biomass in aquatic ecosystem? 
it is inverted in shape as the size of fishes is much larger than the size of phytoplankton, size of producer is less than consumers.

List three extraembryonic structures. 
Study Extraembryonic Membranes .

What is the difference between a autotroph and a heterotroph? 
The difference between the autotroph is that they reproduce then a heterotroph would because the heterotroph does not reproduce over and over again only …

Which of the following are isomers? 
A. glucose and fructose B. glucose and sucrose C. lactose and maltose D. sucrose and glucose

Which describes a disruption in the water cycle that could affect photosynthesis?  
A)Heat causes an excess of transpiration. B)Heat causes an excess of evaporation. C)Heat causes an excess of condensation. D)Heat causes an excess …

In a food chain, energy does not flow directly from... 
producer to decomposer produce to consumer consumer to decomposer consumer to producer

What causes a high crossing over frequency? 
Can you answer my question please!!

Which openings occur on flowers, leaf edges, shoots, cell walls and embryonic sac? 
What are functions of the openings in question above?

How does oxygen pass from blood to mitochondria? 
Also , How do ribosomes and mitochondria help the cell (pancrease) to make enzymes?

What is the advantage of a digestive tract as compared with a digestive cavity? 
Study Digestion System and the entire Zoology Review - Questions and Answers for Biology Exams .

What are vitamins? 
Any of a group of organic compounds which are essential for normal growth and nutrition and are required in small quantities in the diet because they cannot …

Name two essential biological molecules in which oxygen is present. 
Study Biochemistry Review - Questions and Answers for Biology Exams .

If the chromosome no. of a cell at the beginning of a interphase is 12, what would be its chromosome no. at the end of the interphase? 
They say there are "2n" "ploidy" before the G1 stage of inter phase; which after S phase becomes "4n" ploidy. So what is 'n' here? is it the single …

What is meant syncarpous? 
Study Angiosperms .

In what trophic level of the food pyramid are consumers greatest in number? 
a. first trophic b. second tropic c. third tropic

What is the distance between a nerve and synaptic cleft at the neuromuscular junction? 
Distance based on electron microscopy. Study Nervous System .

Do penguins have knees? 
Study Birds .

Which lymphoid organ atrophies after adolescence? 
What is its the primary role of atrophies?

What is the one attribute observed in the life cycle that is common to all animals? 
Not sure what the answer to this is maybe something to do with cells?

What is a difference between cohesion and adhesion? 
A) Only adhesion is involved in transpiration pull. B) Only cohesion is involved in the movement of water in soil. C) Only cohesion involves the interaction …

Advantages of asexual vs sexual reproduction. 
Study Microbiology Review - Questions and Answers for Biology Exams .

Male to male transmission is a key feature of which pattern of inheritance? 
A man does not transmit his X chromosome to his sons so that an X-linked disorder cannot be passed from father to son. Usually autosomal recessive disorders …

How long does a protein take to be synthetized? 
Between 20 seconds and several minutes. Reference: Alberts, Molecular biology of the Cell, page 381.

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