Several osmoregulation related questions.

by Sagar Kumar

Please, answer these questions.

Q:1 Are all osmoregulators marine water organisms?

Q:2 Are all marine water organisms osmoregulators?

Q:3 Are all Osmoregulators fresh water organisms?

Q:4 Are all fresh water organisms osmoregulators?

Q:5 Are all osmoregulators brackish water organisms?

Q:6 Are all brackish water organisms osmoregulators?

Q:7 Are all osmoregulators euryhaline?

Q:8 Are all euryhaline osmoregulators?

Q:9 Are all osmoregulators stenohaline?

Q:10 Are all stenohaline osmoregulators?

Q:11 Are all osmoregulators anadromous?

Q:12 Are all anadromous osmoregulators?

Q:13 Are all osmoregulators catadromous?

Q:14 Are all catadromous osmoregulators?

Q:15 Are all osmoregulators terrestrial?

Q:16 Are all terrestrial osmoregulators?

Q:17 Are all osmoconformers marine water organisms?

Q:18 Are all marine water organisms osmoconformers?

Q:19 Are all osmoconformers fresh water organisms?

Q:20 Are all fresh water organisms osmoconformers?

Q:21 Are all osmoconformers bracish water organisms?

Q:22 Are all brackish water organisms osmoconformers?

Q:23 Are all osmoconformers euryhaline?

Q:24 Are all euryhaline osmoconformers?

Q:25 Are all osmoconformers stenohaline?

Q:26 Are all stenohaline osmoconformers?

Q:27 Are all osmoconformers anadromous?

Q:28 Are all anadromous osmoconformers?

Q:29 Are all osmoconformers catadromous?

Q:30 Are all catadromous osmoconformers?

Q:31 Are all osmoconformers terrestrial?

Q:32 Are all terrestrial osmoconformers?

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