What are examples of beings of the phylum chordata?

by Jody Aten

Visitor's answer: Smooth cord grass, salt meadow grass, common reed, salt marsh bulrush, broad-leaf cattail, spike grass, seaside milkwort, black grass, plankton, clam worms, ribbed mussels, amphipods, salt marsh snail, fiddler crab, blue crab, killifish, mummichugs, stickleback, willets, yellowlegs, cormorants, clapper rail, snowy egret, glossy ibis, grassland sparrow, laughing gull, herring gull, ducks, geese, cattle egret, great blue heron, sandpiper, mice, shrew, muskrat, raccoon, mink, otter, deer, fox.

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Answers for What are examples of beings of the phylum chordata?

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