What cellular structure is responsible for circulation?

I just want a simple answer as to the cellular structure that is responsible for circulation, energy and the reproduction process that I can understand.

Answers for What cellular structure is responsible for circulation?

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Tissues and Cells
by: Fred

Circulation meaning the work of the circulatory system is a function of many tissues. Many types of cells take part in circulation: red blood cells circulate throughtout the body inside blood vessels made of epithelial cells and also of smooth muscle cells, cells of the connective tissues and so on; blood is pumped by the heart that is made of cardiac striated muscle cells.

The same apply to the energetic and reproductive functions of the body as a whole: many different cells and tissues participate.

But if you want answers at the cellular level, you can think of energy production as a role of mitochondria and of reproduction as a role of chromosomes. But the question should be better clarified.

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