What is a ribosome?

by jerry sajy
(new york)

It is in the cell.

Answers for What is a ribosome?

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A ribosome
by: Anonymous

A ribosome is a spherical organelle that deals with the synthesis of proteins.

The ribosome
by: Anonymous

A ribosome is a small circular organelle with no membrane found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells

It is the site where protein synthesis occurs.

by: Anonymous

A ribosome is a component of cells that assembles the twenty specific amino acid molecules to form the particular protein molecule determined by the nucleotide sequence of an RNA molecule.

by: Someone

It is a site of protein synthesis. They are usually attached to RER.

by: JannErickoMedina

Ribosome is a part of the cell , it is responsible for protein synthesis.

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