What is cytoplasm?

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what is cytoplasm
by: bobby joe

Cytoplasm is a jelly like substance. It also moves protein, chromosomes, and other material such as organelles. Its location inside the cell membrane.

by: Braja mohan polleye

Cytoplasm is a semifluid material other than nucleoplasm present inside the cell membrane,which holds a number of cell organelles.

What Is Cytoplasm?
by: Connor

It's like a watery jelly. Most of the cell's activities occur in the cytoplasm.

by: Ayesha

It is a semi viscous material between nuclear envelop and plasma membrane. It is a site where process of glycolysis takes place.

by: umer

Cytoplasm literally means "Living Gel". The living content of the eukaryotic is divided into two parts Cytoplasm and the nucelus which are collectively known as "protoplasm".

Cytoplasm is the substance that is present within the plasma membrane and the nucleus. It is a store house of many vital substance such as "Glycogen" in liver cells. In the cytoplasm the process of "Glycolysis" takes place.

What is cytoplasm
by: Anonymous

Cytoplasim is a "jelly like"substance, where organelles are located and it also contain enzymes to speed up biological reaction.

by: stanley

Cytoplasm is inside space of any cell. There is aquatic content in this space. All the organelles of cells are situated here and cytoskeleton fibres holds the shape of cell. Cytoplasm is not inside the organelles and therefore the organelles have lipid bilayer to separe its inner space from the cytoplasm. Some metabolic pathways occurs in cytoplasm and some inside the organelles.

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