What is the cell structure of a Protist?

by Cheyenne

Im not sure what it is. I've heard that it has a very complex cell structure but I can't find anything about it.

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Answers for What is the cell structure of a Protist?

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Protistan diversity
by: Anonymous

The Kingdom Protista is an incredibly diverse grouping, hence its relative obsolescence in recent years. The Kingdom is primarily maintained for simplicity's sake, as a means to group the incredibly broad species that comprise this kingdom. As a result of the diversity, it is very difficult to define a basic cell structure of Protists. On a basic level, Protists are primarily (not always) single celled, with membrane-bound nuclei and organelles, as they belong to the Eukaryotic domain. Aside from these similarities, Protists widely vary in other characteristics. For example, they may or may not possess flagella, plastids or chloroplasts, and cilia. In addition, the cell walls of select Protists may vary in composition and structure. Consequently, for a better understanding of Protist cell structure, more specified groupings of Protists should be researched independently.

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