What is the molecule used to store energy?

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Glycogen, fatty acid
by: Anonymous

Actually there are molecules recruited in order to store the energy. Chemical energy is represented by oxidation of chemical bonds. For example, fatty acids are more oxidated than glucose. A degree of oxidation depends on what atoms are in molecule. Atoms with higher electronegativity make the molecule less oxidated like oxygen in glucose. In fatty acid all chemical bonds are between carbon atoms or carbon to hydrogen. These atoms are those of lower electronegativity and therefore they store more energy in bonds. Their break down releases energy. That story has been described by coment before me. Yes i forgot to describe the glycogen (or in plants starch). Glycogen is a molecule, but polymer molecule of huge volume. It is a branched chain of glucose units. In state of exercise the glycogen is being broken down to release a free glucose to be metabolised in the story in previous coment.

Hi, I'm a biologist
by: William

There's no "molecule" that store Energy in a cell.
However, there's an organelle in a cell that stores and makes Energy.

This is called the mitochondria.

And it makes Energy by metabolizing glucose (sugar). It is a bit more complicated than that, but the most important part in this metabolism is called oxidative phosphorylation. And THAT part lies in the mitochondria, and THAT's what makes the huge amount of energy in ATP.

However, the molecule that MAKES such energy in the mitochondria in the form of ATP is called proton pump ATPase.

I hope this helps!!

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