What is the phylogenetic position of sponges?

by Sri
(Anhra Pradesh)

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Answers for What is the phylogenetic position of sponges?

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phylogenetic position of poriferans
by: Laibah tanweer

The Evolutionary origin of sponges possess a number of interesting problems. They cannot be derived from the planuloid ancestor for sponges are more primitive. Some zoologists believe that sponges originated from a separate and different group of flagellates than did the other metazoans. The principle evidence supporting this idea is the similarity of sponge choanocytes to the choanoflagellates. The sponges evolved in LATE PRECAMBRIAN period and evolved and went to their dominant stage thereafter. Thus we can say that poriferans evolved in late precambrian stage and their fossils prove this idea correct.

phylogenetic position of poriferans
by: Anonymous

The Poriferans are assumed to be evolved from the Choanoflagellate stock. The evidence for the common protistan ancestry comes from the common elements of cellular organization and from Molecular biology.

Robert E. Grant first named these sponges as poriferans in 1836. These are not present in the fossil form and paleontologists have failed in the task of providing any fossil record for their presence. Phylogenetic groups have members that can be traced to separate ancestors. But it is not seen in the case of sponges so we know that we can not place poriferans according to any phylogenetic group.

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