What makes rocket/arugula (Eruca sativa) spicy?

by Orry
(Perth, UK)

I am 4 and my mummy and I have looked on the internet for the answer but the closest answer we can find is that capsaicin is the thing that makes peppers spicy.

Answers for What makes rocket/arugula (Eruca sativa) spicy?

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allyl isothiocyanate
by: Anonymous

I believe this is what makes arugula spicy. After having no luck with this query, I noticed that Arugula is related to Mustard & thought the spiciness may have the same cause in each. Then I looked up what made Mustard spicy & found it was allyl isothiocyanate. Then I searched to see if allyl isothiocyanate was found in Arugula as well, and found that it is.

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