What would be the tcbd and tcdr genes in the following sequences tcd b: 5'-ctcgtagaattcctgcgtacc-3' and tcd r: 3'-gathagtggcctgactaaggggccaaaa-5'?

You have isolated several fragments from toxicity genes of C. difficle that you are interested in studying. you are designing complementary PCR primers for these sequences. Your goal is to determine what that would be For thetcdB and tcdR genes in the following sequences tcd B: 5'-ctcgtagaattcctgcgtacc-3' and tcd R: 3'-gathagtggcctgactaaggggccaaaa-5' additionally check your accuracy of these primers run a restriction digest. What enzymes will you use for tcdB? Why? Can you use the same for t dR? Explain. How will you test the results from your digest? Explain

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