Why do leaves change their colour?

During summer leaves of the trees fall down. At this very time their colour changes from green to orange/yellow. Why is this so?

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Leaf Color Change in the Fall
by: TheSexyBotanist

Leaves contain chlorophyll for photosynthesis, which gives the leaf a green color. In the fall the leaves prepare to die and the tree absorbs the nutrients and chlorophyll back into the main trunk, leaving the natural pigments of the leaves to show. This gives them the yellow to dark red tinge.

by: kikinaj

The colour of the leaf -abnormally- changes from green to yellow due to a phenomenum called chlorosis. This results when there is insufficient supply of nitrogen, magnesium, iron or sulphur to the plant causing lack of chlorophyll. It may happen as a result of the plant being detached from the source(parent plant), besides other causes.


Note of editor: This is only part of the answer, under abnormal condition. There are, nevertheless, other normal and abnormal ways of color changing of leaves.

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