Answers for Why flies hate to settle on moving objects?

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It is because of blindness and sensational antenna
by: Abdullateef addajani

I got this answer by email, thanks for responding to my child question.

Flies and many other insects do not like settling on moving objects for a couple reasons. First, your thought that moving objects may pose a threat is correct. Flies have fairly poor vision but are good at detecting motion. They sometimes can't figure out the identity of the moving object so it's safer to avoid it. The second reason is less evident. Flies and many other flying insects are stimulated to fly by lack of contact with an object. When the object they are sitting on moves and loses contact with their legs, their reflex is to fly because they can no longer feel the object and would otherwise fall. The same is true when flies and many other insects feel wind on their legs and antennae.

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Meghan Duell (answering for Ask a Biologist)
Arizona State University
Social Insects Research Group
Animal Behavior PhD student

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