Why mitochondria is called a semi autonomous organelle?

by shubhradeep banerjee

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Answers for Why mitochondria is called a semi autonomous organelle?

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Mitochondria is a semi autonomous organelle

Mitochondria is considered as autonomous cell organelle due to the following counts:

Presence of DNA and RIBOSOMES in mitochondria makes these organelles independent for production of some of their own proteins.

Mitochondria have their own DNA which can replicate independently. The mitochondrial DNA produces its own mRNA, tRNA and rRNA.

The organelles posses their own ribosomes, called mitoribosomes.

Mitochondria synthesize some of their own structural proteins. However, most of the mitochondrial proteins are synthesized under instructions from cell nucleus.

The organelles synthesize some of the enzymes required for their functioning, e.g.succinate dehydrogenase.

They show hypertrophy .i.e. internal growth.

Having cytochromes ETS for ATP synthesis.

Mitochondria have arisen from pre existing ones from division i.e. not de novo.

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