Write short notes on mitochondria.

by Komal .R. Shinde

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1.Mitochondria are the powerhouse of cells.

2.Their whole purpose is to break down the molecules in ATP (cell food) so the cell can have the energy it needs to live Mitochondria.

3.Its length is 3 to 4 micrometer & its diameter is 0.5 to 1 micrometer.

4.Most of the cellular respiration takes place in mitochondria.

5.Mitochondria have tow membrane are as follows:
(i)Outer Membrane
(ii)Inner Membrane
The outer membrane & inner membrane is protect from Lipoprotein.
There is a space between the inner membrane & outer membranew called, not surprisingly, inter membrane space.
(i)Outer Membrane:
a. The outer membrane covers the mitochondria.
b.The outer membrane of cell are semipermeable or smooth which means that material can enter and leave the cell.
(ii)Inner Membrane:
a.The inner membrane of mitochondria are infolding or fingre like folding.These folds are called Cristae.
b.The electron transport system is a series of protien imbedded on the cristae of mitochondria.

a.These cristae are important because they make more surface area where chemical reaction can take space.
b.The molecules & some of the enzymes responsible for making ATP are located in & on the folds of these inner membrane.

a.The area inside the cristae is called the matrix.
b.The matrix is a fluid that has water & proteins (enzymes) all mixed together here's where the rest of the enzymes that make ATP come from.
c. The Krebs cycle occurs in the matrix while electron takes place on the cristae.

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Mitocondria contain 70s and 80s type of chromosomes.

Write short notes on mitochondria
by: Mohamed A Nunow

These are spherical or rod-shaped structure surrounded present in both plant and animal cells. These are surrounded by double membrane containing matrix. The outer membrane is smooth and the inner membrane is folded into finger-like projection called cristae. Large numbers of knob-like structures are present in the inner membrane called oxysomes. The head of the oxysomes contains the enzymes of ATP synthesis. Electron transport occurs in inner membrane. ATP are synthesized and stored in mitochondria. Hence mitochondria are called as power house of cells.

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