You were in the process of dicing sweet potatoes to make your favorite chicken curry when you accidentally cut your finger. Place in order the following events.

by Brandi

1.The cell starts to grow and produce nucleotides, a cyclin, and the E2F transcription factor.
2.The cell continues to grow. Tubulin, kinesin, and histones start being made.
3.E2F is released from Rb.
4.Proteins for packaging DNA, proteins for microtubule arrangement and transport, and proteins for MPF degradation are phosphorylated.
5. Transcription and translation of replication related proteins begin.
6.MPF cyclin begins to bind MPF cdk.
7.Receptor tyrosine kinase receptors bind to their growth factor signal.
8.E2F goes into the nucleus.
9.Rb, which is bound to E2F, is phosphorylated
10.The cells check that all condensed chromosomes are properly attached to microtubules.
11.P53 says the genome is ok for replication/synthesis. Cyclin binds its cdk and one of two phospate groups are removed from the cyclin/cdk complex.
12.Mitochondria and other organelles are properly partitioned between the two forming daughter cells. The cell divides.
13.The genome is duplicated.
14.A signal transduction cascade of kinases signals the cell to leave G0 and re-enter G1 phase.
15. mitosis begins and MPF cyclin is degraded.
16.Platelet cells in you blood start the clotting of blood and release Platlet Derived Growth Factor.
17.P53 checks to ensure the genome is in good shape. MPF is dephosphorylated (looses a phosphate group).
18.Cyclin builds up, E2F is bound by Rb, P53 scrutinizes the cells genome.

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